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Portrait & Philosophy

Everything which makes our homes more beautiful and our offices more practical has been produced out of metal by hand at müller. 1996 Evelyn Hummel and Wendelin Müller founded the brand müller möbelfabrikation. Over the years they have created many versatile metal furniture collections for the premium segment. At the same time they have always remained true to their high demand for design and quality and to the German site.

The furniture manufacturing company müller relies on traditional workmanship during production. All products are made at our site in Augsburg (Germany) in our own production plant, which permits a high degree of transparency in the production processes. Last but not least, our employees also shape the special character of our products with their craftsmanship. Every piece of furniture is a unique item, and is individually planned and assembled according to customer requirements.

The material metal provides us with extraordinary design options for our furniture. Slender lines and small radii in the utmost precision characterise the furniture. It remains torsion-free, stabile and free from wear. For adaptation to your personal style of living or corporate design specifications we offer finishes in every individual colour.

Material & Production


The question of dealing economically with energy, emissions, raw materials and production methods plays the key role here. The longer a product is usable, the more economical and less burdensome it is for the environment at the same time. A timeless design as well as durable and high-quality materials leads to the high longevity of furniture from müller. And at the end of the long service life, furniture made of metal is 100% recyclable and can be returned to the ecological cycle.